AMMRC collaborates with other science schools /centers of the University as well as with R & D institutions like VSSC (Tvm), NIIST (Tvm), IIST (Tvm), NCL (Pune) for carrying out advanced materials research by sharing the expertise and facilities available with them. Also we taken up research projects with organizations such as DST, UGC, CSIR, ISRO, KSCSTE etc to generate external funds. Currently, AMMRC has international Linkages with Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland and Uppsala University, Sweden.

Inter school/centre collaborations

  • School of Chemical Sciences
  • School of Pure & Applied Physics
  • School of Bio Sciences
  • International Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology-IIUCNN
  • Inter University Instrumentation Centre-IUIC
  • Institute for Intesnive Research in Basic Sciences-IIRBS
  • Centre for high performance computing-CHPC

Inter institutional Linkages

  • VSSC-Tvm
  • NIIST-Tvm
  • IIST-Tvm
  • NCL- Pune

International Linkages

  • Rzeszow University of Technology , Rzeszow, Poland (DST sponsored Indo-Poland Project of Prof. Suresh Mathew)
  • Uppsala University, Sweden (Collaborative research on High-spin materials of Dr. S.Anas)